VoIP to go wireless

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VoIP: a great idea. All of the benefits of telephones (over the frustrating and often lingo filled world of internet chat), with few of the costs.  The only problem up until now is that you have to be tethered to your machine to use a handset. However this might no longer be an issue according to a mail that was sent to some of VoIP company Vonage’s customers in the US, declaring that the company had begun to experiment with wireless routers. While technologically very possible, the new designs are made to make the routers do all of the tech set-up bits, so that dialling through is a pain free experience.

Despite complications over emergency calls (VoIP calls are difficult to trace for emergency services calls), VoIP is continuing to expand.  It may not surprise you that Skype, Vonages’ biggest competitor, are also working on a set of their own.

Via silicon.com

Chris Cornwell
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  • I’m a UK Vonage customer, and I’m not tethered to my machine! The router that Vonage provide connects to any phone, so you can just hook up your cordless!

  • With reference to the story of having VoIP calls over wireless. This is one of the present futures for VoIP. We have been running wireless VoIP for the last few months, as well as VoIP over satellite. We see VoIP over these technologies as the only models which will work in many applications around the world.

    Good luck to Vonage for giving credability to VoIP technology and expanded applications

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