Sony PS3 to be region-free


According to Sony’s head of games development, Phil Harrison, the PlayStation 3 will not feature region-coding on games. Will this extend to movies on Blu-ray? Well no, it’s already been annouced that coding will feature on films, though initial Blu-Ray discs will probably lack region coding.

The decision to move away from region coding for games is probably down to a desire to stop the mod-chip business, which allows console owners to buy games in one territory and play them on hardware purchased elsewhere.

Film coding is based on the movie industry’s need to launch titles in different markets in different times – which has resulted in a big market for region-free players for those people who want to see the big films first. If the industry ended staggered roll-outs, region coding would become unnecessary. But at this time, the staggered roll-outs and region coding for films look here to stay.

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