Full HD impossible for gamers?

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Confirming what a couple of developers have hinted at in the past,
Xbox’s director of the Game Technology Group, Scott Henderson, has
declared doubts over the PlayStation 3‘s ability to deliver full 1080p HD
gaming. The PS3 is set to boast a video output capable of 1080p –
better than the rival Xbox 360’s 1080i highest standard. But making
games that run at that standard is no mean feat and increasingly looks
beyond the hardware’s capabilities.

Speaking at the Games Developers Conference (GDC), Henderson said "I
think 1080p […] will be basically impossible. I think if you talk to
any developer they will tell you that they will not have a performing
game at 1080p”.

Though the pessimism from games developers will be a bit of a blow
to Sony fans, it isn’t really the end of the world. The highly
anticipated console’s Blu-ray player will still be able to take
advantage of the 1080p output and there’s no telling what may become
possible as developers get better at using the PS3’s computing

It does however seem unlikely that we’ll see any fast paced FPS games
able to push the resolution up that far – it is currently far too
difficult to retain playable framerates at that level. There is
probably still a chance that other more graphically orientated titles
could someday make the leap but that’s undoubtedly a few years down the

via Joystiq

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