Your day at Alton Towers recorded to DVD


It’s nice to look back at a few photos or a video recording of a day or night out, but the hassle of taking the photos or carrying round a camcorder can be a right pain – so what would you think if someone or something spent the day recording you, then presented you with the highlights at the end of that day? That’s the idea behind new technology set for Alton Towers.

YourDay Video Technologies will be working with the theme park on the YourDay in the Park system. When visitors enter Alton Towers, they will be given an RFID-enabled (Radio Frequency Identity) wristband. By wearing the band throughout the day, they will be identified and videoed by cameras on every ride. These personalised video clips will be stored and later that day, visitors will be able to pick up a personalised DVD containing 30 minutes of footage, including full-motion video footage of the day.

The system is planned to go live in April 2007, with DVDs selling for less than £20. I just hope the system isn’t extended to the pubs and clubs in my area.

Alton Towers

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  • Your day diddnt work when i went, so i stress to say that please make your group wear more than one. It was going to be the highlight of the trip and it was missed by just not being warned that they might not work!

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