MP3 player meets the Sega console

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While Nintendo continues to flourish in the handheld market, pity poor Sega – their one stab at a portable console died as quickly as the Game Gear’s battery life. While the company itself might not be producing any portable hardware right now, others are using the gaming giant’s proud past via licensing – the latest of which is Taiwanese firm Lavod with their PocketPlay 320 and 350 portable MP3 player/handhelds.

The PocketPlay 320, which features 20 SEGA titles and the 350, featuring 10 titles are playable through 2.4-inch TFT color displays. They include games like Sonic Chaos, Ecco the Dolphin, Sonic Spinball, Columns and Fantasy Zone.

Both also have TV outs, so you can play your Sega favourites on your big screen telly. The 350 also features an SD Card slot and both feature a USB 2.0 port for uploading your favourite music.

No word on price as yet, but due to hit the shops from April onwards.

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