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Now where have I see this before? I know, it’s the Thecus one Terabyte Media Box that we featured recently. It looks like Evesham have done a little work with the concept, incorporating the MBridge network music player to create wireless music streaming for the home.

Download tracks to your PC, then transfer your collection to the MBox.  Using your existing or the built in network, the MBox streams your digital music library to up to five MBridge players throughout your home. Plugging the MBridge adapter into any hi-fi or powered speaker system allows you to listen to different music in different rooms. The player displays full track information and a remote allows you to skip through your vast collection of tracks.

The MBox uses dual hard drive to back up your data for secure storage and can also host other forms of media. You can pick up an MBox with two 160 Gigabyte hard drives for around £600. Additional players cost £149 each.

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  • Hmmm – very interesting – but no mention of it at all on the Evesham website… doesnt make comparison with say the Sonos system (www.sonos.com) very easy…

    Anybody have any more info on this?

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