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If the bed with built-in TV didn’t have enough technology packed under the covers, you might want to try the Pause bed from Design Mobel, which incorporates an iPod dock, a pair of Bose speakers and a built-in LCD TV.

You should get a good night’s sleep, as the bed is sprung in two sections to ensure "minimal partner disturbance" and fabricated using "non-toxic natural manufacturing processes" from "crafted from sustainable New Zealand Rimu with aluminium detailing". But if it’s one of those sleepless nights, just plug your iPod into the universal dock and enjoy your favourite soothing songs through the Bose speaker system. And better still, the dock also charges your iPod, so it’s ready for the commute to work the next day! And if that’s not enough, late night TV through the the optional LCD TV at the foot of the bed should finish you off.

Design Mobel are based in New Zealand, but will ship worldwide. But be warned – all this technology will not come cheap!

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