Thecus 1 Terabyte media box


Well, KB became MB, then moved to GB. Now we’re talking TB for our storage. As we steadily move to a wireless home, devices like the 1 Terabyte (1000GB) Y.E.S. box from Thecus will surely become more popular and prominent to store all our downloads and shared media.

And you can see the benefits. If you’ve got more than one device on a network, you can use it to share photos, music and video. The box contains Ethernet ports for faster access to digital media files as well as USB 2.0 so that users can plug in any portable storage device and make the files available immediately across the network. The ‘One Button’ copy feature lets users copy files to a local drive with the touch of a button and an advanced power management capability to improve performance while using up to 30% less power than a similarly configured PC.

The 1TB version of the Y.E.S. box will cost around £887.

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