Sony's hybrid mouse and VoIP phone


With all the clutter currently sat on my desk, I look forward to the day when Sony’s hybrid mouse and VoIp phone hits the UK market!

The Sony Mouse Talk wasn’t unveiled at the CES, but separately by Sony Japan. It looks and operates like a normal mouse, but it also doubles as a VoIP phone. When you want to talk, open it up, and use it with your VoIP software of choice. The scroll wheel even doubles up as a volume control. The Mouse Talk connects via USB 2.0 and is compatible with Windows 2000 and XP only

The Mouse Talk will be available in Japan from 18th February for 8000 Yen (which I reckon to be just under £40) in five colors – white, red, green, black and blue. I’ll be keeping fingers and toes crossed for a UK release.

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  • I don’t understand how this gadget and the yappernut gadget dubbed the yeppermouse,gets all the publicity when it only performs on voip and renages the purpose of traveling light so a pc user who happens to travel does not have to carry too many gagdets. Here is a real invention, in 2004 another company invented the Cellmouse and that one works on all cellphones which alot more people have. With the Cellmouse you do not have to have voip service at an aditional charge as well as you do not have to carry two gadgets. Check it out at

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