Let Siemens do your ironing


I don’t know about you, but I struggle to unfold the ironing board, let alone find the right setting on the steam iron. Maybe it’s time to get the Siemens Dressman to do it for me.

It has been specifically designed to dry and iron shirts and blouses, leaving them crease free and ready to wear in minutes. The Dressman is made out of parachute silk and resembles the upper body of a shop mannequin.  It inflates itself with hot air to dry garments and smooth out any creases.  The shirts are then pressed back into shape. According to the manufacturers, the Dressman can save up to 117 ironing hours per year – so more time to go out in your crease-free shirt.

If you want one, it will set you back just short of £1,000. Find your nearest stockist at www.siemensappliances.co.uk

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Dave Walker
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