CES 2006: Philips' interactive board game


Remember sitting round the table with all the family enjoying the traditional board game? It seemed to die a death with the introduction of the less social video game. Well, Philips think they can bring it back with the Entertaible – a tabletop gaming platform that mixes the two formats.

Gaming on the Entertaible is a hybrid of new and old, combining the features of computer gaming – such as dynamic playing fields and gaming levels, with the social interaction and ‘real’ playing pieces of traditional board games.

Entertaible features a 30-inch LCD, touch screen-based multi-object position detection and all supporting control electronics. It’s based on a series of infrared LEDs and photodiodes discretely mounted around the perimeter of a single touch screen. It requires no special lighting conditions or other equipment and is entirely ‘hand’ operated by touch alone.

Will it make it from the concept to reality? That all depends on reaction at places like the CES I guess. But it sounds like a winner to me. More at www.philips.com

Via Pocket-Lint

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Dave Walker
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