CES 2006: XtremeMac Tango sound system

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Leading iPod accessory maker XtremeMac has introduced Tango at the CES, a high-quality speaker system for all models of iPod with the added bonus of TV output for relaying movies from the iPod video to a big screen.

Essentially, Tango is a full-featured 2.1 speaker system. Tango’s trio of speakers, including a downward-firing subwoofer, provide deep powerful bass and crisp, clear vocals. A sound stabiliser provides grip on most surfaces so that bass vibrations don’t cause the unit to bounce around! Tango can also be connected to a TV for watching video content from an iPod video via the built-in 3.5 mm audio/video line out jack. The iPod’s menus and functions can be navigated from the iPod itself or from across the room with the wireless infrared remote. The unit also charges the iPod as it plays for unlimited sounds.

XtremeMac’s Tango will hit US stores in March 2006, selling for around $199. No UK date for release announced as yet.

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Dave Walker
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