Sony GIGA Panel in-car sound system

MP3 players

No matter how many CDs you pack in the glove box, there’s never enough music in the car. Ok, there are various ways – both legal and illegal – to play your MP3 files on the move, but Sony’s new GIGA panel offers a solution without extra hardware or the need to burn discs.

The Sony GIGA Panel in-car sound system has a removable front panel supplied with USB port, which connects directly to the PC.  Users simply remove the panel, connect it to the PC, choose the music data they want, drag and drop it onto the GIGA Panel, then reattach in-car and enjoy the sounds from the 1GB Flash memory, which can store up to 500 tracks. It’s not just a cheap MP3 player either, packing a 24 bit DAC converter, BBE MP MP3 sound enhancement and an EQ3 stage2 equaliser. 

No news on price or release date as yet, we’ll keep you posted.

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