Jens of Sweden offers MP3 bling

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Smaller and shorter than a credit card, thinner than a box of matches, but still as eye-catching as anything on the market is the MP-500 from Jens of Sweden, especially if you pick up the 2GB Excentrique edition with a 24 carat gold back panel.

It’s amazing how much they can pack into the scratch-resistant shell. The MP-500 plays MPEG4 video and MP3, but can also be used as USB memory or a dictaphone. In addition, it has stereo speakers, a clock/alarm and FM radio with 24 pre-sets – you can even record radio shows via the timer. Software provided will convert all common film formats to MPEG4, with compression typically allowing 22 typical 25 minute TV shows to sit on the 2GB model.

The only drawback we can see is that it’s so small, you’ll have trouble seeing the shows on the 1.6 inch screen!

The 2GB Excentrique edition is available now for $274 ex VAT

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