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I like the idea of the myvu Personal Media Viewer, but I’m not sure I could be seen outdoors wearing it. This odd-looking eyewear with built-in video viewing and audio systems, allows you to watch video with an iPod video in a larger format.

The myvu has 2 QVGA micro displays inside the visor. Those video glasses generate a 12 inch screen viewed from 3 feet away. It’s not new to the market, it has been available in France in conjunction with a Samsung D600 mobile, But it’s new to Apple owners and will surely be popular with anyone who does a fair bit of commuting.

No news on price or availability as yet.

Dave Walker
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  • it’s not the france version at all…. different company, different glasses. look at the fit, the headphones and the shape. it might be similar but it’s not the same.!! doofus

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