MP3 player with built-in NES console

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Remember the NES console? Big grey box, pixelated graphics and annoyingly addictive gameplay. Still loved by many and obviously the Chinese market, as this Iwod G10 shows.

The player itself comes with a 2.5 inch LCD screen with 16 million colours and supports MP3, WMA and FLAC audio, plus AVI and MPEG4 video playback. It has in-built 256MB memory, with an SD expansion to boost it up to 1GB if required. Not bad, but retro gamers must be green with envy at the thought of playing Tetris, Mario and other classic NES games during a music break.

The Iwod G10 is on sale in China for around $147. For legal reasons, we don’t expect a UK launch anytime soon.

Via themp3players

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