Kerala Trance LED watch


Remember the Ibiza Ride watch? Loads of coloured lights that somehow told you the time if you knew where to look. Well, now it’s got a rival in the strange watch stakes in the form of the Kerala Trance watch.

The Kerala Trance displays the time in binary format, using two rows of LEDs to indicate hours and minutes. The upper row consists of four LEDs for hours – the value of each LED is printed above it. The lower LEDs indicates the minutes. To tell the time you simply press the function button and add up the value of the illuminated LEDs. So if the four and the two (4+2=6) are lit on the top row, and the eight and two (16+4+2=22) are lit on the lower row it’s 6:22.

Simple eh? If your mental arithmetic is up to the task, the stylish (and apparently water resistant) Kerala Trance is available now from Firebox for around £100.

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