CES 2006: Sonos adds ZP80 ZonePlayer

CES 2006, Home audio, Wireless home

The incredibly cool Sonos wireless music system has enhanced its range by introducing a slightly smaller version of its ZonePlayer. Unlike the bulkier ZP100, this ZP80 has dimensions of 136.0 x 136.8 x 74.0 mm and comes without a built-in amp. This acknowledges the fact that many people will already have existing Hi-Fi systems (especially if you have the cash to blow on a Sonos) so it isn’t always the best solution to let your ZonePlayer take over all the amplifying duties. The ZP80 offers all the usual ZonePlayer abilities including a huge list of digital audio format support, internet radio streaming, analogue auto-detecting line-in connections, plus added compatibility for audio services Rhapsody 3.0 and Audible. The fact that it costs over a hundred quid less than the ZP100 makes the Sonos system a little more reasonable in price. The new ZP80 goes for £269 and will start shipping in spring.


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