CES 2006: More Garmin Forerunners

CES 2006, Gadgets

These latest compact GPS-enabled devices are not for the easily lost fitness freak, instead they use their GPS abilities to provide a wealth of handy feedback for even the most demanding of sporting types. They feature an AutoLap data recorder you can set the Forerunner to clock your times at preset distances, times or positions as well as an AutoPause feature for when your speed drops below a certain level and a VirtualPartner to keep you from slacking.

The 205 and 305 differ only in that the more expensive model also contains a heart rate monitor. These new versions are also a whole lot more compact that previous incarnations and achieve this in part by having you wrap part of the antenna around your wrist. Also worth checking out is the new MotionBased website that allows you to upload and share your favourite routes with other users. The Garmin Forerunner 205 and 305 will go on sale from February for $249 and $349 respectively.


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