Extend music coverage with MicroLink dLAN Audio

Wireless home

Music rental services such as Napster-to-Go are great for keeping up with the latest sounds – but often limited to one machine. To spread it further around the house, you could try the devolo MicroLink dLAN Audio adapter.

Music can be sent over household electrical wiring to any room in the house, linking a PC to a Hi-Fi or powered speakers to stream their music wherever you want it. Simply plug your PC into the adapter and connect Hi-Fi or speakers into the MicroLink dLAN Audio wherever you want the music streaming to.

It’s plug-and-play – so no need to drill holes or install additional cables, just plug into any domestic power socket.

If you want to move round music around the house, it’s available in the UK for around £120. For more information visit www.devolo.co.uk.

Dave Walker
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