CES 2006: Sky and Gates – the new Dream Team

Broadband, CES 2006

Last night here in Vegas some fella called Gates – apparently he’s a mate of Bono – made a speech about how intends to take over the world unless you pay him one million dollars, or something like that. You can read the details here.

From a British perspective one key thing Gates mentioned was news of a Microsoft deal with Sky and in particular its new broadband service Sky by Broadband. The two partners have hatched a deal whereby Windows Media Center PC owners will be able to use their computers to watch the Sky TV services. Movies, sports and Dream Team will be delivered via the Online Spotlight of the Media Center PCs enabling viewers to watch the programmes live or possibly on demand. The footage will be encoded in Windows Media 9.

There is however no news on the Sky to go system that was being talked up about a year ago. This would enable viewers to transfer Sky programmes from their Sky box or a PC to a portable media player.

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