CES 2006: Michael Dell's keynote speech

CES 2006

In a bullish keynote speech at CES in Las Vegas, Michael Dell announced that the PC is rapidly "becoming the centre of the digital lifestyle" and "the high volume device of choice." Three key new products were also unveiled for the consumer market with much of Dell’s focus on the growing phenomenon of high definition gaming and Blu-Ray compatible DVD drives.

Unveiled was a new gaming desktop computer, the XPS600, which Dell claimed is significantly faster than any games console on the market. Other products included a 20inch notebook computer – which is still under development – and a 30inch 16:9 display, dubbed the 3007WFP, which boasts 4.1 million pixels (double the resolution of an HDTV).   

Although only 15 per cent of Dell’s market is currently with end-users, Dell expects that to grow over time, especially with new platforms emerging like like Microsoft’s Media Center. Dell said it was his "company’s obligation to take computing to the next level" with new products expected to feature Blu-Ray DVD drives for high definition TV and gaming – even though Microsoft backs the rival HD DVD format. Dell claims to be the US’ largest producer of flat panel displays with 40 per cent of the market. Dell shifted 6.8 million PCs in 2005 compared to 1.2 million in 2000.

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