CES 2006: Dell's pimped gaming PC

CES 2006

It may be best known for its rather boring looking, though excellent value for money, PCs. But at CES in Las Vegas, Dell unveiled a desktop computer which looked so radically different from the usual fare that the British press almost (but not quite) joined the Americans in their compulsory whooping and hollering (get over it guys, it’s only a computer).

The work of Killer Paint’s Michael Lavallee, the pimped out XP600 Renegade is squarely aimed at the high definition and online gaming fraternity with a 4.26GHz dual core Intel Pentium Extreme Edition processor and four GPUs courtesy of nVidia. The limited edition, flame-coloured XPS600 is also signed by Michael Dell and Michael Lavallee. For more information go to Dell’s CES site.

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