CES 2006: Xavix adds interactive games

CES 2006

Want to brush up on your sporting techniques but can’t be arsed to leave the house to brave the elements? Japanese firm Xavix offers a wide range of interactive games, including golf, bowling, and bass fishing (no seriously bass fishing is one of the titles) which you can play via your TV set. The idea is that you buy a console (called the XavixPort) and then add plug-in games at your leisure. The port costs around $79 and games are another $50 or so.

Rather than the usual computer games which only exercise your digits, these are proper simulations where you can actually practise your swing or cast your rod – or whatever fisher folk do. The latest interactive game to join the Xavix line up is table tennis which we had a play with at CES in Las Vegas.

As much as we love the concept behind Xavix, and some of the interactive games/sports, it’s fair to say that table tennis doesn’t really work very well. It’s virtually impossible to hit the ball with the bat because you can’t work out where it’s coming from (to do this properly you would really need a 3D screen). We’re looking forward to seeing some more sports added to the Xavix line-up including a football game. Imagine being able to bend it like Beckham without having to set foot on a muddy football pitch in the middle of winter.

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