Up the working robot!


Here at Tech Digest, we’ve covered the progress of Honda’s Asimo robot  with a certain amount of excitement, but courtesy of the excellent inkycircus, we’re please to report that our man of the future is now ready to join the rest of us on the 9 to 5.

And just because you’re the boss’ pet project, that doesn’t mean you get any favours. Asimo will have to start at the bottom, carrying trays of coffee for his felow employees and pushing a small trolley of cream cakes around like a char lady of old. There’s no truth in the rumour that Honda are looking at replacing the head with an urn.

As well as an improved vision system and voice communication system, the new and improved Asimo can now run in zig-zags, which should come in handy for the dash to the car park at 5pm. Value for money? Well, the cost of hiring Asimo is 20 million yen ($170,000) a year, which is a tad expensive, even if he can produce a nice bit of battenburg for elevenses.

Via inkycircus

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