ASIMO learns to run


OK, so he could run before, but Honda’s bipedal robot is now taking faster giant leaps for Robotkind. ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative MObility) now comes with "Posture Control" that means he can now run more like humans, twisting and bending his torso to help him maintain his balance even if his foot slips. This means he can now run like the wind for freedom from his cruel human masters, picking up a top speed of 3km/hour. Walking speeds, meanwhile, have increased from 1.6 km/hour to 2.5 km/hour.

The "Autonomous Continuous Movement" technology means he can be more flexible in the route he takes to his destination, avoiding any pitfalls along the way. Finally, the visual and force sensors have been enhanced to allow for "smoother interaction with people". It can now synchronise its movements with humans so that it can give and receive objects and shake hands. Blimey – and we thought our Roombas were clever.


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  • Don’t make it to smart or it’ll takeour kind over like in I-Robot!!!!

  • Does (T)he look cute? certainly yes, and I was all doodle for him dancing away with fluid motions graceful as any human can be. Can the scientists designing him also give him a beautiful mind, so that we the human may learn something from this lovable toy..

  • Ya…. it sounded more like “Michael Learns to ROCK”….if he is gonna swim and fly…sing and Dance….i bet i am going to adopt him to be my son though i am unmarried presently.Ha Ha…!!

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