Scratch Turntable for the digital age

Home audio

Living room DJs everywhere rejoice. You too can be the proud owner of a Scratch Turntable that works with MP3 CDs. The DN-S1000 is Denon’s more affordable version of its Scratch Turntable, costing £379.99. The unit is designed to be portable and small enough for home use, and it includes features such as Seamless Looping, Scratching, Hot Starts and Effects on MP3 playback as well as built-in effects such as Filter, Flanger and "the world’s first Echo Loop". There’s also platter effects, 3-way BPM counter, two Hot Starts and "another world first" a Next Track Reserve with Cross Fader. We’re told this means that if you’ve got loads os MP3s stored on one CD you can cross fade to another song on the same disc.


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