NTL supercharges broadband to 10Mbps


Well it has been a busy old day for the execs over at cable company NTL. Not content with putting the finishing touches to its merger with Telewest and buying a large chunk of Virgin Mobile the cable, ahem, monopoly has also been trailing its new internet services.

Top billing goes to its new connection speed of 10Mbps which the company says will go live for its 3Mbps customers from today. It also has cranked the upload speeds up as notch or two so now those huge video files of last night’s Corrie that you email you aunties in Canada will whip along at 512kbps.

The company is also joining the rush to add loads of content to its websites unveiling four new premium categories; Music, Kids, Photos and Games. Included with the existing NTL bundle this package gives subscribers a stonking 400Mb of online storage to house their images, ten free tracks per month from the Sonic Selector website and access to some new online games from… Lego!? Users can also subscribe to Napster’s excellent online jukebox for £5.96 per month instead of the standard £9.99.

The new 10Mb service fees for £34.99 per month.

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  • aparently telewest are upgrading thier 2 and 4mb service to 10mb so i would say yes but check the website for news.

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