Nokia's 'business style' 3G phone

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What with all the excitement of our awards last week we were busy nursing hangovers when we should have been delivering the scoop on Nokia’s new 3G business phone the 6233. Due to launch in spring 2006 the 6233 (Voda subscribers get their own version in the guise of the 6234) is a light choccy bar style handset complete with a two mega pixel snapper, 320 x 240 QVGA colour screen, digital music player and stereo speakers.

It has one of those stainless steel finishes that Nokia does so well and is obviously compatible the usual slew of 3G video downloads and streaming options, though funnily enough not person to person video calling (is there anyone still doing this anyhow?)

Although Nokia apparently has the business market in mind, the phone is clearly aimed more at those who aren’t too concerned about fancy frills as it runs Nokia Series 40 interface rather than Nokia’s smartphone Series 60 front end.

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