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So, you’ve got a new iPod for Christmas. Now you can put it to use to fight that seasonal bulge. Audible.co.uk has released several new fitness, dieting, detox and self-help audiobook programmes that you can download and listen to on an iPod or other digital audio player.

If you’ve overdone it this year, why not make amends by downloading ‘Lose Weight Now’. Or of you’re already considering that new year’s resolution, ‘Stop Smoking Forever’. You can even pick up fitness audiobooks, some of which are like having a personal trainer talk you through your exercise routines!

Sales of digital audiobooks doubled in 2005. Unsurprisingly, Erotica and comedy are the two biggest selling categories and there’s no surprise with the biggest selling title of 2005 either – a digital audio version of ‘The Da Vinci Code’.

Find out more at www.audible.co.uk

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