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Joining an already busy marketplace, RealNetworks have announced the launch of RealMusic in the UK, a new subscription service for online radio, music videos, downloads and ringtones. The basic subscription gives access to more than 300 CD-quality, ad-free radio stations, including exclusive mixes from the likes of Ministry of Sound, Carl Cox and Hed Kandi.

Along with the above, the £8.50 monthly subscription also gives you on-demand access to more than 4,000 music videos, plus a selection to new music uploaded by subscribers. Want to download? That’ll cost you more – around 99p per music track or £7.99 for a full album. There’s also ringtones, but that’s also an additional fee – £4.99 per month.

The RealMusic service works with Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox on both PC and Mac. If you want to give it a try, you can take up the offer of a free 14-day trial at

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