Vodafone tries out phone vending machine

Mobile phones

Manchester’s Vodafone stores are currently
trialling the new QuickPhone kiosks in an experiment which could eventually see
similar machines become commonplace in public places throughout the UK
. The
QuickPhone has a pretty simple concept: it can sell you anything from
pay-as-you-go mobiles to sim card packs costing between £5 and £30. The
also showboats some of Vodafone’s other telecommunications technology;
technology is used to monitor stock levels and arrange refills. Plus,
if you’re
worried about having to pump £30 in small change into a machine, they
even come
imbued with a ‘chip and pin’ system. I’m not particularly sure that
there is quite enough demand for instant access to cheap mobiles to
support a nationwide network of these vendors, especially with all
those pesky phone boxes about, but we’ll wait and see.

via The Scotsman

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