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What’s happening at some of our other top blogs this weekend?

Games Digest: Nindendogging? You’ve got to be kidding, Xbox 360 Euro launch titles revealed?, PS3 spring 2006, £200?

HDTV: Pana’s future-proof 65inch plasma, Sky to demo HDTV next week?, Dell delivers cheap big screen HD LCD

Propellerhead (Computer Help): Top tip – travel smart, A word to the wise – control formatting, Top tip – reply to emails while you are out

Bayraider (eBay Blog): Daniel Craig 007 Press Pack, Refurbished Phone Box, Buy a Slab for Cloughie

Pop Junkie (Great Lost Pop Albums): Embrace – If You’ve Never Been, Bob Dylan – Slow Train Coming, Robyn Hitchcock – I Often Dream Of Trains

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