LG helps prevent drink-driving

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LG has unveiled plans to integrate a breath
analyser into a phone handset. This will come in pretty handy if you think you
may have had a couple too many wine spritzers somewhere outside the UK, but I think
under this country’s somewhat tighter legislation it might be worth using if
you’ve been standing too close to a bar maid. The LG-SD410, LG-KP4100 and
LG-LP4100 handset are set to come with this unique feature out in Japan
and I think
the odds are pretty good of something similar reaching these shores eventually. It would
also be especially useful if it could speed dial a taxi company in the event of
an unacceptable level. Then maybe order you a kebab and work out where the hell
you left your house keys.

via Akihabara News

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One thought on “LG helps prevent drink-driving

  • Are you sure it’s Japan? LG is Korean brand and I doubt they sell many phones in the japanese market.

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