Trust reveals USB Bluetooth adaptor with EDR technology

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has seen a few shaky periods, not to mention the wealth of bigger nastier
networking alternatives constantly trying to muscle in on its turf. In spite of
that, the technology is still going strong, mostly in thanks to its presence
inside a vast proportion of mobile phone handsets as well as many other portable
devices and its easy-to-use nature. Trust’s development of EDR or Enhanced Data Rate technology could help
to expand the capabilities of the networking tool. EDR is boasts the ability to
create connections between up to seven devices simultaneously and offers up to
three times faster data transfer.

This USB
adaptor should provide a useful networking connection between Bluetooth enabled
phones, headsets, printers, PDAs and will the increased transfer rate will
reduce the amount of power sucked up by elongated connection times. The Trust
Bluetooth 2.0 EDR USB adapter will be available from the end of this month for
around £17.99


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