Europe's first 4G network (and we are very jealous)

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Forget 3G – it’s old hat now with its sluggish connections, rubbish quality TV and video and snail-like downloads. Nope we are moving to the Czech Republic where, as from yesterday, the inhabitants of a country previously best known for top quality lager, Franz Kafka and not especially politically correct football fans have Europe’s first 4G service to play with.

Installed by T-Mobile it uses UMTS TD-CDMA technology to deliver download speeds of up to 1Mbps – two and a half times faster than the UK 3G networks.

T-Mobile says it hopes to attract subscribers who will stick the 4G friendly PCMCIA card in their laptops (there’s no 4G phones available for Europe yet) and surf like there is no tomorrow. Interestingly T-Mobile is only charging 34 Euros per month for the one Meg service, which is a lot cheaper than its 3G rates over in the UK.

The service is only available in Prague at the moment, but it is being rolled out across the Republic.

Is it a Wimax killer? Maybe, and when are we going to see that HSDPA 1.5 meg technology the networks in the UK promised us not that long ago?

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