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Things have been a little quiet on the iPod
accessories front of late but now that everyone’s had a bit of time to get used
to the idea of Apple’s latest designs, the iPods nano and video, the redesigned
accessories have just begun to roll in. PodGear is probably the first we’ve seen
unveiling its own protective JumpSuit Plus silcon covering for each new model,
which is probably especially worth considering if you’re a nano owner and
worried by the all fuss surrounding the players durability issues.

The pic shows the latest PocketParty, a
tiny speaker set for the iPod nano able to add an extra watt of sound to the
diminutive player. The device is light, cable free and provides an impressive
ten hours of life from a single AA battery. Also released is the interesting PhotoBuddy
for the iPod video. This is a 70cm retractable cable with audio and video
connectors to attach to your telly for viewing JPGs or videos straight from the
iPod on to the not-quite-so-small screen.

The JumpSuit Plus models and PhotoBuddy
each cost £14.99 and the PocketParty will set you back £24.99. All should
become available in the very near future.

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One thought on “PodGear's iPod nano and video accessories

  • ITS BRILLIANT! It stores so many clear songs and pictures.
    The one downside is that it is very easily scratched and the wee mirror thing at back always gets marks on it so me being me I’m ALWAYS cleaning it

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