Pull a perfect pint at home


The fact that beer tastes better in pubs is
probably not entirely to do with the generally drab ambiance, the crazy old men
and the billowing clouds of cigarette smoke. Wouldn’t it be great if you could
get all the benefits of a pub draught in the comfort or your own home with the
need for a poorly lit basement and ritual beer soaking each time you change a keg?
Apparently Philips and Interbrew thought the same and came up with the
PerfectDraft which is able to hold its own 6-litre kegs and dispense them at a
quality equivalent to that of your local. It has a tap and an internal cooling
system to keep the kegs at a premium taste for up to a month. There’s no word on
prices yet and availability seems limited to only the other parts of Europe
at the moment.

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