Creative Zen TravelDock arrives

MP3 players

Fresh off the back of the launch of
Creative Zen MicroPhoto, comes details of the latest docking station for the MP3
player. The TravelDock seems to have gone a little overboard in terms of functionality,
so that apart from serving as set of speakers for the Zen unit, it will also
play FM radio, recharge the device, serve as a USB PC connection and has an auxiliary
input for other devices if you aren’t solely reliant on the Zen for acoustic
entertainment. And there’s a remote too.

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Creative’s experience at making PC speakers
has been applied to the TravelDock, which is specifically build from NeoTitanium
micro drivers for improved sound quality. The speakers put out 8 Watts of sound
which might seem a little limited for a home system but for the fact that with just 4 x AA
batteries, the TravelDock folds up inside a protective flap and will give you
around 25 hours of sound away from any mains supply.
There is also an output for a sub woofer if you want to add a bit
of punch.

The Creative Zen Micro TravelDock is set to
retail for around £99.99 which makes it quite a hefty purchase for the MP3
player. Still, its nice to see that iPods aren’t the only ones to be able to
boast fancy docking stations and speaker sets.


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