Creative TravelSound 400 portable speakers

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Mini-speaker sets have been getting a very good reception this year. It’s probably due to a combination of the huge number of MP3 players about, their snazzy matching speaker designs and the fact that the weather this past week has been so good we’re starting to reconsider our campaign against climate change of last week. I’m kidding, I know that more global warming equals worse weather for us: we’ve all seen The Day After Tomorrow. Creative is encouraging us to share our music in a legal sense this summer with a new set of folding stereo speakers, powered by 4 AAA batteries that provide a whopping 35 hours playback. The TravelSound 400s will provide 4 Watts of power to you music collection which is actually pretty impressive given their size and Creative has helpfully helped made them resistant to the abuse of being lugged around beach resorts and London parks.

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