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It has a been a busy week for sat nav companies in the UK, what with Sony launching its first in car model, Tom Tom advertising on just about every TV channel and billboard going and now Navman unveiling its latest offering the iCN 520. The new model is essentially an updated version of the iCN 510 which has been around for a few months now and is a firm favourite here after it mapped a route from our home to the nearest Kebab shop without even a flinch. The new model is a touch screen system largely designed for in car use. It is finished in black and features the latest TeleAtlas maps.

Similar to its predecessor it comes with SmartST 2005 Navigation software which works well in finding streets, postcodes, and points of interest. It comes with a windshield mounting bracket, 12v DC power adapter that connects to the vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket, a carry case, USB cable and mains power adaptor. There are two versions – iCN 520 includes local country maps for £349 and iCN 520 Premium European Edition has full European maps of 16 countries on CD and a remote control for £449. Both will be on sale by the end of the month.

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  • what ever happened to the good ol’ map? looks fancy admittedly and could be useful if your ever stupid enough to lose, say 10 pages of your map containing the area around you live. But who’d be so stupid??
    As for finding your way back from the bab shop, if your too drunk to read a map you shouldn’t be driving!
    worst gadget ever.

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