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Back in the glory days of the .com era our ticket to unparalelled riches was set to be a clever way of delivering the prices of the latest electronic goodie via Wap to mobile phones. So if you were in Dixons you could key in the product and discover that across the road John Lewis was selling what you were after for a few pounds cheaper.

So in some paralell universe we are expecting a fat royalty cheque from Kelkoo which has just launched a similar service for mobis in the UK.
The system is basically a mirror of the online Kelkoo offering with the site promising to give you access to its database of over 3 million product offers from over 6,000 UK retailers.  Users access the service via Yahoo!’s WAP portal

on all WAP enabled mobiles.
Kelkoo is currently considering rolling out the service to other European countries in the near future.

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  • could be useful. price transparancy is like a wet dream to an economist, just as like a remake of roadrash would be to “one of those” gamers that spend to long playing computer games and not doing essays. Would it be stereotypical to suggest these are predominately bespectacle ginger ninja’s? One would hope not.

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