Shiny Media launches Catwalk Queen & Propellerhead

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We’ve done shoes, we’ve done bags, we’ve done chick lit, and we’ve done gadgets for girls. There was only one thing left for the girls of Shiny Media to do – pure, unadulterated fashion! Today sees the launch of yet another stylish Shiny blog. Catwalk Queen keeps you informed on hot trends, high fashion and chic celeb looks, and shows you how to get the look without a stylist and megabucks salary. The blog is written by Gemma (yes, she really is running Shiny Media single handed) and has been launched in conjunction with the relaunch of Gemma’s own site, Catwalk Queen Magazine. Check out Catwalk now dahlings. 

Propellerhead is less about fashion and more about computer-related makeovers. If you’ve got a problem with your PC that’s sending you into uncontrollable rages, get in touch with our own Mr Fix It, Rick Maybury, who will calmly offer you a solution whilst giving you a relaxing foot rub*. all your computer woes solved, plus: how to cheat at Solitaire.

*terms and conditions apply, footrub offer ends 19th October 1992.

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