British Boffin special – Reefski – the coolest submersible craft


On Friday the Shiny Media crew were out and about at the British Invention Show in North London, where we spent many happy hours discussing innovative packaging solutions and checking out the future of roof tiling. There were however some real gems, especially this one – the Reefski.

Straight out of Q’s handbook the Bondesque gadget is a submersible craft designed to take people on underwater adventure tours. Well not this one cos it is a mock up with an Action Man, but in typical Bond style the real thing launches at high speed from the shore and then submerges beneath the waves to take its scuba-equipment clad passengers on a dive. If that hasn’t got your all a quiver, then the fact that it is stacked out with all manner of high tech goodies from GPS systems, dive computers and spot lights for night diving really ought to be enough to, ahem float (or should that submerge) your boat. 
Alas, at the moment the Reefski is just the brainwave of Welsh inventor Robin Harris,  but if you fancy investing in the production of the craft – and can we baggsie a place on your first trip? – email him here.

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