British Boffins special – The testicle-friendly bicycle seat


Possibly because most inventors are ‘mad as lorry eccentrics’ for whom bicycle clips are de rigeur evening wear, there were an awful lot of bike gadgets on display at the British Invention Show.

This one, the first ever conical (you know like Madonna’s famous bra) bicycle saddle, the Sylinder Saddle is not very high tech, but had everyone who saw it groaning and saying ‘why didn’t they think of that before?’

The saddle itself is a rigid cylindrical tube of either aluminium or plastic that is tapered by a foam or gel material and finished with a leather-esque cover.

The cool part is that not only is it wonderfully comfortable and obviously reduces the risk of so painful I can barely bring myself to write the words – testicle-related incidents – the casing also doubles as a small receptacle for your other valuables. The inventor, another Great British Charactar who goes by the name of Tony Waithe, is seeking partners for commercialisation, and if you fancy it you can contact him here.

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