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The Tech Digest team spent the weekend hanging out with the nation’s boffins at the British Invention Show in Alexandra Palace north London. We saw some pretty amazing things (more on those later), and some completely hat-stand ones too and at the moment we are not entirely sure which category the Plasma Screen Fireplace fits into. As you’d imagine the Plasma Screen Fireplace is a rather pleasant looking fireplace and surround that houses a plasma screen. The idea is that when the screen is not in use it slides away inside the fireplace, so all you see is the rather fireplace and genuine electric flame style heater.

Obviously we had concerns that the from the fire might lead to accidental incineration of our beloved plasma screen, but apparently there’s no worries on that score as  heat from the fire pushes forward which means that the plasma screen would be unaffected. There’s a range of fireplaces available from the Beachcomber (£2140) to the top-end "Firelight Modern", which has a remote controlled fire, built in downlights and a space to conceal the DVD/VCR. Alas that price doesn’t include the screen. More here.

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