Robopet reaches UK


After kicking off 2005 with Roboraptor, which designer Mark Tilden admits is ‘the first toy robot designed to scare the crap out of your cat,’ Wowee goes cuddly this week with the launch of the Robopet. A very very distant cousin of Sony’s AIBO, the Robopet is described by its maker as ‘a futuristic replica of a real pup.’ I reckon though it has a whiff of the Chihuahua about it. Much lower specified than either the Robosapien or the Roboraptor, the Robopet can however sit, perch on its hind legs and jump. Its on board audio sensors also mean it can respond to sounds while its image sensors keep it clear of obstacles. This being Wowee the Robopet also performs the usual array of naughty tricks in that it farts and wees as well as plays dead.

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