185,000 PSPs sold in four days


According to figures compiled by UK-based market analysis firm Chart-Track, more than 185,000 of Sony’s long-awaited PlayStation Portables (PSPs) were sold in just four days, making the
device the fastest-selling video-game console in UK history. By  comparison, Sony rival Nintendo sold only about 87,000 of its Nintendo DS consoles during its launch week in March. The PSP,
which can browse the internet and play videogames, movies and music, went on sale in Europe on Sept. 1, nine months after the gadget hit Japanese stores and six months after its launch in the US. So far, the device has been hugely popular in every market it has entered, and the UK looks to be no exception. Sony says it expects to sell more than 1 million PSPs in the UK before Christmas.
[ Via Thames TechWire]

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