iTunes phone is imminent

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Unless you are stuck somewhere under a log you are probably well aware that later today, at 6pm UK time in fact, Apple is set to take the wraps off the iTunes phone it has developed with Motorola. I remain very positive about the future of music phones, but not really convinced about the iTunes phone. Especially if, as predicted, its battery life and storage capacity is significantly less than rivals like the Sony Ericsson W800i, or even handsets like the awesome Sharp 903.

The big question that we’ll find the answer to soon enough is whether the phone will download tracks over the air, or whether it will just enable users to sideload AAC tracks from their PC. I expect it to be the latter as most UK networks have their own music download services up and running. As for which UK network will take the handset, well the big money is on O2 with Virgin Mobile a possibility. Of course the wonderful thing about all this is that I could be made to look rather stupid in less than a couple of hours time. One last thing. Don’t except Apple to have all its own way tomorrow. There’s a rumour buzzing round the UK of an imminent worldwide launch by one of Apple’s rivals. We’ll be bringing you the details on that one as soon as we have them.

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