iTunes phone: the basics

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Many of the UK’s tech press are holed dup in some arty fartsy building just off the north circ, but not me, so like the rest of you I am tuning into Engadget’s fantastic on the spot coverage. And here comes first few details. We’ll give you the UK angle as soon as we get it, but we do know the following. It is the Motorola/Apple ROKR phone. It has a (pathetic) 100-song storage capacity and users load the phone in the same random way they do the iPod shuffle or do it the boring manual way. So no over the air downloads then – what a surprise! It works with both Macs and PCs. It costs $249 from the Apple Store (US) and is available in North America via Cingular.

You’ll forgive me if I am not dancing in the aisles with excitement at this point. More in a mo.

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